What is the purpose of our buildings? It’d be easy to say that a building’s purpose is related to its intended functionality. For us, purpose is much more than functionality. Our buildings are always functional, but that’s not our motivation. Tanda Design Inc makes buildings that are meant to be beautiful and evocative spaces.

Tanda Design Inc is a Northwest-based boutique manufacturer of high-quality, stylish and innovative “sheds.” Everything we build is custom tailored to your needs. From an extra storage space to an additional work or relaxation space, we’re here to help you. We create buildings that are fun and functional, but we don’t stop there.

Our focus on enhancing serenity and peace of mind led us to rethink and redesign the construction process. We know that a lot of daily interactions are already stressful or complicated so we don’t want to turn your home into a construction zone. To that end, we can assemble your custom building in our plant, and then we’ll deliver it to you as a finished structure. Click here to see some of our videos of installation.