We love to build meaningful and unique things, and we love simplicity. More often than not these two goals are at odds with each other. Striving to satisfy both goals has led us to rethink the construction process. Everything we build is individualized, and with in-house capabilities such as CAD, cabinet building, polyurea/urethane spraying, CNC machining, custom stained glass shop,  lumber processing and building moving, the sky’s the limit where customization is concerned. By completely controlling these specialized and complex capabilities we can ensure that our customers receive amazing results, but they’re not burdened by the ins and outs of how things are built. Put simply, working with your guidance and desires we create 3D images of your custom building, and then we provide the completed building.

Even the symbol that is attached to our logo represents our love of combining meaningfulness and simplicity. It looks pretty simple, but it actually represents a lot of meaning and complexity.

This symbol is three interlocked letters: T T T, for Tanda Design Inc.

It’s green, because paying attention to the environment and healthy living is important to us.

It’s also reminiscent of the traditional recycle symbol. We like reusing materials because doing so is good for the environment and it often adds an attractive aesthetic to our buildings.

It’s meant to evoke thoughts of a Zen Enso circle. Enso symbolizes wholeness and completion.

And, it reminds us of a turning wheel. It’s moving forward with enthusiasm and vigor, just like Tanda Design Inc.

This is a lot of meaning and complexity boiled down to a simple image, that’s why our symbol represents what we do.